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Most Significant

This time, a victim actually makes a sound.

When the captain rushed toward the cry, who did he find? The first mate.

Crew remaining: Captain, first mate, one deckhand. (3/9)

Bryan Alexander

It's a fine touch of theater: sound but no visual of the attack.

Most Significant

I was struck by the fog: from July 31 onwards, the Demeter is enveloped in it. Did the Count create it in order to keep the ship concealed from other vessels, or to keep the ship from heading into port before Whitby (if only to get replacement crew members)? The fog might also increase the risk of navigational error, which could lead to shipwreck and disaster for his plans.

So I'm inclined to believe the fog is entirely natural.

Bryan Alexander

Could be. Also sets the stage in fine Gothic style.

Most Significant

Yes, it really does!

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