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Most Significant

[As pointed out by Klinger (124n18), this journal entry should be dated 25 July and not 1 August, as it occurs immediately after Mina's 24 July entry and just before her 26 July entry. However, the interpolation of Seward's phonograph journal transcriptions for 5 June through to 20 July into the middle of Mina's journal caused Mina, Jonathan, or the book's editor to miss the error.]

“Lucy was looking sweetly pretty in her white lawn frock. She has got a beautiful colour since she has been here. I noticed that the old men did not lose any time in coming and sitting near her when we sat down. She is so sweet with old people, I think they all fell in love with her on the spot...[After Mr. Swales left,] Lucy and I sat awhile, and it was all so beautiful before us that we took hands as we sat, and she told me all over again about Arthur and their coming marriage.”

Mina’s journal entry for this day gives a wonderful illustration of their close friendship and affection.

White summer dresses, c. 1895-- A nice article from Mansion Musings. I can’t imagine that economizing, practical Mina would spare the money for a one-season item of clothing. https://mansionmusings.wordpress.com/2020/08/12/pretty-and-cool-a-white-summer-dress-ca-1895/

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