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Most Significant

“[Jonathan] has been under our care for nearly six weeks, suffering from a violent brain fever……He has had some fearful shock, so says our doctor, and in his delirium his ravings have been dreadful, of wolves and poison and blood, of ghosts and demons, and I fear to say of what.”

Let’s compare this to his journal.

Fearful shock? Check.

Wolves? Check.

Poison? Nope.

Blood? Check.

Ghosts? Nope.

Demons?! Well, he referred to vampires as “semi-demons” on 30 June.

“…and I fear to say of what.” Vampires, maybe? Check.

Most Significant

It took seven days for this letter to get to Mina from Budapest, via Exeter. The postal service in Bistritz and area must be pretty horrible, since Jonathan's letters from Castle Dracula took far longer.

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