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Most Significant

“The bed was empty. I lit a match and found that [Lucy] was not in the room.”

The images from this night are so compelling! First, Lucy walking in her sleep down the steps that descend the West Cliff, then along the quay to the bridge across the Esk. The land breeze gently wafts her white nightdress as her bare feet softly patter up the 199 Steps and along the top of the East Cliff to the cemetery seat.

Then Mina arrives on the scene. Her own white nightdress is topped by a thick shawl, and she has shoes on. Where Lucy serenely sleepwalked, Mina runs, propelled by worry. First she hurries to a point on the North Terrace where she knows she will be able to look across the River Esk to see their favourite seat in the cemetery. Mina glimpses Lucy's white figure there in a fleeting shaft of moonlight.

Filled with fear for her friend, Mina runs down the West Cliff steps, through the town, across the bridge, and finally up the 199 Steps. "When I got almost to the top I could see the seat and the white figure... There was undoubtedly something, long and black, bending over the half-reclining white figure. I called in fright, ‘Lucy! Lucy!’..."

Lucy & Mina’s approximate route on Google Maps:


Bryan Alexander

It is where the novel really ramps things up. gorgeous, haunting.

Most Significant

"The adventure of the night does not seem to have harmed her, on the contrary, it has benefited her, for she looks better this morning than she has done for weeks."

When Van Helsing later read Mina’s journal (on 25 September), I wonder what he made of this observation and a similar one the following morning. The marks on Lucy’s throat show Count took Lucy's blood, and yet Mina--who was watching her friend's health--thought that she looked much *better* after this encounter?

It seems the Professor simply chose to ignore this inconvenient fact.

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