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Most Significant

"After dinner I came with Dr. Seward to his study. He brought back the phonograph from my room, and I took a chair, and arranged the phonograph so that I could touch it without getting up, and showed me how to stop it in case I should want to pause."

It must have been very difficult to type the first part of Seward's journal without being able to pause the recording’s playback. Or is Mina having a private joke, and Seward just showed her how to do something that she had already figured out on her own?

Most Significant

"When the terrible story of Lucy’s death, and all that followed, was done, I lay back in my chair powerless. Fortunately I am not of a fainting disposition."

When Mina realized that she was in the same room with one of the men responsible for the murder of her beloved friend, just hours earlier, what did she think? She had known Lucy far longer even than Holmwood; would she have turned on vampire Lucy as Lucy's fiancé and two former suitors had?

Mina might well wonder, what if Lord Godalming had been the one bitten? Would Dr. Seward have found a secure cell for him in the asylum? Would Professor Van Helsing--who later went to the British Museum to search for "witch and demon cures" (2 October)-- have tried to cure his vampirism, instead of executing him for the crime of being a vampire's victim?

If Mina had these thoughts, she was too intelligent to put them in her journal.

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