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Most Significant


Number of visits: 5
Time of visit: about 1:30 p.m. 29 September (daytime)
Who: Van Helsing, Seward, Holmwood, Morris
Purpose of visit: Lucy's decapitation and staking
Anti-vampire measures: Sacramental wafer-putty is *removed* from the door when the men enter. They have brought garlic (bulbs?) with them for use after Lucy is staked, and presumably Van Helsing has his golden crucifix.

Notes: I have to agree that getting poor Arthur to stake Lucy was almost sadistic. Van Helsing and Seward could have staked her on their second visit to the cemetery, but Van Helsing fobbed Seward off with some story about Holmwood's possible reaction. However, Holmwood did not have to know! Seward could simply have been sworn to secrecy about the whole affair.

The problem with that for Van Helsing is that then he and Seward would have to hunt for Lucy's attacker alone. They would be unable to recruit the powerful Lord Godalming and wealthy Quincey Morris to the cause. On the other hand, if Holmwood staked his late fiancée with his own two hands, he could hardly flinch from hunting down the Count.

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