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Most Significant

"You forget that I am a lawyer as well as a doctor." Van Helsing, to Seward

Van Helsing gives Heinlein's multi-talented Jubal Harshaw some real competition. Like Harshaw, he is trained as a lawyer and as a medical doctor, presumably in that order. He is not only a doctor of medicine, but also the medical professor who trained Seward, and he "knows as much about obscure diseases as any one in the world". On top of that, he is supposedly a "philosopher and a metaphysician, and one of the most advanced scientists of his day" (2 Sept, letter from Seward to Holmwood).

Most Significant

To be fair, there *are* such hyper-competent people in the world. A legal education necessarily includes an introduction to philosophy, which can then lead into the murkier area of metaphysics. Science and medicine are connected also, of course, although there is a huge difference today between being a medical doctor and being a scientist. Still, some are both (MD & science PhD) and manage to also pursue other interests and causes (e.g, David Gorski, Peter Hotez) while some lawyers manage to have surprising and demanding second careers (Ed Hochuli). And yes, some doctors are also lawyers and vice versa.

Doctors in law school, lawyers in med school: https://www.canadianlawyermag.com/news/opinion/a-look-at-doctors-in-law-school-and-lawyers-in-med-school/275756

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