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Most Significant


Visits to date: 1
Time of visit: 11 p.m.?
Who: Seward, Van Helsing
Purpose of visit: Not stated in advance
Anti-vampire measures: None stated
Notes: Van Helsing opens Lucy’s coffin and breaks the inner lead seal. Seward and Van Helsing see that the coffin is empty. They watch the area outside the tomb from midnight to sometime between 2 and 3 a.m., when they see an elusive “white figure“ in the cemetery from a distance, and recover a small child.

By not telling Seward what he expects to see, Van Helsing can pretend that whatever they see is precisely what he expected (“magician’s choice”).

Most Significant

“…[I] found the Professor holding in his arms a tiny child…[we] looked at the child's throat. It was without a scratch or scar of any kind.”

BLOOFER LADY casualties to date: 3 1/2

Most Significant

Well, today DraculaBlog got real!. I was thinking of the blog when it hit me-- not only am I experiencing Dracula in "real time", but I am also located at the same latitude as the action, which is now in London. Sunrise and sunset will be at approximately the same time, the season is roughly the same. The climate here, sadly, is a bit harsher.

Bryan Alexander

Stay warm, MS!

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