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Most Significant

"‘Dr. Seward, may I ask a favour? I want to see your patient, Mr. Renfield. Do let me see him. What you have said of him in your diary interests me so much!’ She looked so appealing and so pretty that I could not refuse her, and there was no possible reason why I should..."

No possible reason why you should not introduce a young woman into the room of a man that you have repeatedly described as a homicidal maniac, who has repeatedly escaped, and who has attacked and injured at least three men, including yourself? Say that once again, Dr. Seward, but more slowly this time.

Mina is usually of sound judgement, and she is aware of Renfield's track record from Seward's diaries. It is hard to understand why she would want to see Renfield so much that she is willing to risk it. It might be related to Jonathan’s recent stay in an asylum.

I see Renfield and Jonathan as two sides of the same coin: Renfield, who is of the upper classes, was in an asylum before the whole story started, and classified as a “homicidal maniac” before the Count even departed for England. Once he falls under the Count’s influence, his condition deteriorates.

Middle-class Jonathan was driven to madness by his long exposure to the Count and the strange and stressful stay at Castle Dracula, but the hardest part for him was being unsure how much of his strange experience was real and how much was hallucination or delusion. Once Van Helsing assures Jonathan that it all really happened, and Jonathan begins to hunt the Count, his recovery seems to be complete.

Most Significant

Seward: “‘How did you know I wanted to marry anyone?’”
Renfield (to Seward): “‘"What an asinine question!"’” (To Mina) “‘You will, of course, understand, Mrs. Harker, that when a man is so loved and honored as our host is, everything regarding him is of interest in our little community.’”

In other words, “We gossip, Dr. Seward, you dolt.”

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