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Most Significant

“‘Have you said anything to our young friend the lover of her?’ ‘No,’ I said.”

Seward and Van Helsing keep the true state of Lucy’s health a secret from Holmwood, despite Seward’s letter of 3 September promising to keep him informed.

Most Significant

“‘There must be transfusion of blood at once.’”

Blood types and the need for type matching was not known at this time. However, it was not thought to be a low-risk procedure. Blood transfusion was known to have be able to communicate diseases from donor to recipient; transfusions of the period could introduce air into the veins, and could also lead to dangerous blood clots.

By 1884,* some doctors were transfusing saline solution rather than blood, which would remove the risks of clotting and disease, but Van Helsing does not choose to use saline.

*Jennings, Charles Edgerton. Transfusion : its history, indications, and modes of application, 1884. https://archive.org/details/transfusionitshi00jenn/page/66/mode/2up

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