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Most Significant

“After lunch Harker and his wife went back to their own room, and as I passed a while ago I heard the click of the typewriter. They are hard at it. Mrs. Harker says that they are knitting together in chronological order every scrap of evidence they have.”

At long last, Mina is using her typewriting skills to help her husband, if not exactly as she had originally planned.

Most Significant

“Strange that it never struck me that the very next house might be the Count's hiding–place!”

Yet, it does not occur to Seward, nor to Van Helsing the vampire expert, that any anti-vampire precautions ought to be taken at the asylum. The hunters seem constantly to think of the Count as being passive, despite ample evidence to the contrary.

Most Significant

“The bundle of letters relating to the purchase of the house were with the typescript.”

Which is a little surprising, as Jonathan had apparently intended to give them to Van Helsing a few days earlier, in Exeter (Jonathan, 26 Sept). It seems that they were left in Exeter, after all.

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