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Most Significant

"It was half-past two o’clock when the knock came... In a few minutes Mary opened the door, and announced ‘Dr. Van Helsing’."

Mary was doubtless Mr. Hawkins' servant before she entered the Harkers' employment, and well-known to them. It would have been an easy decision to keep her on; indeed, she may have been keeping an eye on their Exeter house during the weeks that the Harkers spent in London and on the Continent.

Most Significant

"I could not resist the temptation of mystifying [Van Helsing] a bit...so I handed him the shorthand diary."

Klinger (268 n16) says he is surprised that the multi-talented Van Helsing cannot read shorthand. However, shorthand is not a universal language. Even at the time, there were two main types of English shorthand--Gregg (dominating the United States) and Pittman (UK). If Van Helsing knows any shorthand, it might be for Dutch, or even Latin, which was widely understood amongst the medical community.*

* For example, at the University of Edinburgh, “competency in Latin was obligatory” for medical students. https://victorianweb.org/science/health/depaolo12.html

Most Significant

"I am so glad I have typewritten out my own journal, so that, in case [Van Helsing] asks about Lucy, I can hand it to him...
"…I shall give you a paper to read. It is long, but I have typewritten it out. ... It is the copy of [Jonathan's] journal when abroad, and all that happened."

Mina must have spent pretty much all of the previous day, and perhaps also this morning, typing out the two journals on a primitive manual typewriter. She would not have even been able to see the text as she went; typewriters of the day were "blind", with the typebars hitting the paper up from below. "Visible" typewriters did not come into common use until around 1900-1910. Her hands, shoulders, and back must have ached by the end of the job!

Early Office Museum: https://www.officemuseum.com/typewriters.htm

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