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Most Significant

"Doctor, you don’t know what it is to doubt everything, even yourself. No, you don’t, you couldn’t with eyebrows like yours.’ He seemed pleased, and laughed as he said, ‘So! You are a physiognomist.’"

Not only is Jonathan a devotee of the pseudoscience of divining character from a person's face, but so is Mina; indeed, she later (28 Oct) refers to Lombroso, whose theories on physiognomy and criminality were extremely influential. I had planned to write more about physiognomy, Lombroso, Nordau, George Edalji, eugenics, and the pencil test, but just dipping a toe into that cesspit made me want to have a shower. It was mostly a fun parlour trick to Jonathan and Mina, like asking someone what sign they are, but the harms went much deepe.

Bryan Alexander

Physiognomy is such a shadow in 19th century literature. Pops up even in Jane Eyre.

Jeffrey Ford has a good, dark modern fantasy take, too.

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