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Most Significant

Klinger suggests that "It is possible that Dracula eliminated Hawkins to ensure the secrecy of his entry into England" since as far as the Count knows, Harker has been eliminated by the vampire women of Castle Dracula (Klinger, 239 n43).

We cannot blame the Count for both Hawkins’ death, which took place in Exeter between when Mina mailed her letter on September 17 and this letter written September 18, and the events at Hillingham the night of September 17-18! This would be particularly difficult since it takes over 3 1/2 hours to go to Exeter from London by express train, and 4 hours to return. (Klinger, 265 n5; also, Mina's 25 Sept letter to Van Helsing). Neither a wolf nor a bat can outpace a steam engine.

Klinger also says, "While Hawkins suffers from acute gout...there is no indication that he has other, fatal ailments" (Klinger, 239 n43). However, many of the risk factors for gout, such as obesity and heavy drinking, are risk factors for other serious conditions:

"Gouty arthritis rarely exists in isolation; there is a prevalence of gout in patients who have other diseases. Everyone with gouty arthritis has at least one or two of the several comorbidities associated with gout, and many have three or four other health conditions."
(From: The Gout Education Society: https://gouteducation.org/medical-professionals/treating-gout/comorbidities/ )

Today, the most common comorbidities are diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and kidney disease, all of which are serious conditions. They were at least as dangerous--and less frequently diagnosed--in the late 19th century.

The placement of this letter between Dr. Hennessy’s letter of 20 September and Seward’s journal for 20 September suggests that it arrived at Hillingham on 20 September.

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