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Most Significant


Visits to date: 2
Time of visit: 2 p.m.
Who: Seward, Van Helsing
Purpose of visit: Not stated in advance
Anti-vampire measures: None stated; daytime. Presumably Van Helsing has his golden crucifix.

Notes: Lucy is seen in her coffin without any sign of decomposition despite being dead for a week. Van Helsing shows Seward her teeth are sharper, enabling her to bite the children.

Most Significant

After Van Helsing examines Lucy asleep in her tomb:

“‘Here, there is one thing which is different from all recorded; here is some dual life that is not as the common. She was bitten by the vampire when she was in a trance, sleep–walking—oh, you start; you do not know that, friend John, but you shall know it all later—and in trance could he best come to take more blood. In trance she died, and in trance she is Un–Dead, too. So it is that she differ from all other. Usually when the Un–Dead sleep at home’—as he spoke he made a comprehensive sweep of his arm to designate what to a vampire was ‘home’—‘their face show what they are, but this so sweet that was when she not Un–Dead she go back to the nothings of the common dead. There is no malign there, see, and so it make hard that I must kill her in her sleep.’”

English-to-English translation:
"‘This is different from anything I have seen recorded. It’s some kind of unusual dual life. She was bitten by the vampire when she was sleep-walking in a trance. The vampire later found it easiest to take more blood from her when she was in a trance. She died in a trance, and in a trance she is also UnDead. That makes her unique. Usually when the UnDead sleep in their tomb, their faces are obviously vampiric, but when Lucy is sleeping, she is not UnDead and so she looks like any other dead person. She does not look like a vampire while sleeping in her tomb, and that will make it hard for me to kill her in her sleep.’"

In Jonathan's journal, he observed the Count 'sleeping at home' and the Count did not have any unusually vampiric appearance. Jonathan writes, “He was either dead or asleep, I could not say which…”. (June 25).

In this case, what Van Helsing learned from folktales was at odds with observation. As a scientist, he ought to have discarded the folk belief and trusted Jonathan's report; however, the new information from Jonathan's journal was still quite fresh. Perhaps Van Helsing had not yet studied the journal carefully and considered the implications.

Most Significant

This is the first time Van Helsing lets the word "vampire" cross his lips.

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