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“…my old friend and master, Professor Van Helsing, of Amsterdam, who knows as much about obscure diseases as any one in the world.... He is a philosopher and a metaphysician, and one of the most advanced scientists of his day; and he has, I believe, an absolutely open mind… an iron nerve, a temper of the ice–brook, an indomitable resolution, self–command, and toleration exalted from virtues to blessings, and the kindliest and truest heart that beats...”

Dr. Seward is clearly in awe of his former teacher.

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Argh, wrong letter....

Most Significant

English-to-English translation: "Upon receiving your letter, I prepared to leave straightaway. Luckily, I can leave right now as my schedule is open. Even if I had obligations, I would break them without hesitation, because I would help anyone that you care for. Tell Holmwood that when you saved me from that gangrene infection, you earned help from me that money could never buy. However, it is an added pleasure to help him since he is your friend. Please make sure that our visit to the young lady will not be too late in the day tomorrow, for I will probably have to leave early in order to return home tomorrow night. If necessary, I will be able to return in three days, and then I will be able to stay longer."

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