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Most Significant

“‘…the Roumanians, came and asked me to heave overboard a big box which had been put on board by a queer lookin’ old man just before we had started frae London. I had seen them speer at the fellow, and put out their twa fingers when they saw him, to guard against the evil eye...when the mornin’ sun came through the fog, we found ourselves just in the river opposite Galatz. The Roumanians were wild, and wanted me right or wrong to take out the box and fling it in the river.’”

So, no mysterious disappearances amongst the crew of the Czarina Catherine. However, from the start the Romanian crew members have strong misgivings about the box and its consignor, which were strengthened by unnatural weather on the voyage.

Most Significant

"When we met together, the first thing was to consult as to taking Mina again into our confidence. Things are getting desperate, and it is at least a chance, though a hazardous one."

It's only fair to give them credit for deciding to trust Mina and hoping that she will find a solution where nobody else can.

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