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Most Significant

Mina: "[Van Helsing] has been shopping too, and has sent home such a wonderful lot of fur coats and wraps, and all sorts of warm things."

Since this fur clothing was purchased in haste in a small town, it seems likely that the fur coats and wraps are made from local furs. Wolf fur was probably readily available, which seems somehow fitting. Other possibilities would be hare and rabbit fur, lambskin and sheepskin.

Most Significant

"Dr. Van Helsing has returned. He has got the carriage and horses."

There is no description of this carriage. I am forced to conclude that it was a completely unremarkable vehicle. It had to be large enough to carry Mina’s trunk, Van Helsing’s luggage, the furs, the provisions, and some firewood. It must also have a seat with a back, to allow the passenger to sleep sitting up as they travel.

Maybe it was something like this carriage in the Romanian Peasant Museum: https://thumbs.dreamstime.com/z/carriage-romanian-peasant-museum-dumbrava-sibiului-transylvania-found-many-pieces-inventory-76769079.jpg

Most Significant

Vampires, viruses, and vaccination by Jason Zinoman in the New York Times:

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