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Most Significant

What would Renfield look like in 2021? He would probably not be in long-term institutional care. Instead, he would be living more or less independently, perhaps in a group home or in the home of a family member. Instead of tracking his ingestion of flies and spiders in a notebook, he would be publishing it on a website and/or social media. His website would tout the benefits of eating live insects for everyone, and cite numerous studies about the benefits of eating *dead* insects as evidence. Hey, if dead insects are good for you, eating live ones must be even better!

In a world where some people believe sincerely in the curative powers of turpentine, caustic bloodroot salve, sungazing, urine therapy, and a “miracle solution” that consists of industrial bleach, it does not seem impossible that Renfield’s ideas might gain a broader following.

Bryan Alexander

"What would Renfield look like in 2021?" is a great prompt.
And you took it in a fine direction. :)

Most Significant

Thank you! :)

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