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Most Significant

"My will is made, and all complete. Mina if she survive is my sole heir. If it should not be so, then the others who have been so good to us shall have remainder."

It would seem that Mina must be 21 years old (or will be very soon), since that was the age of majority in England at this time. Or perhaps there was an exception for widows, regardless of age?

Most Significant

As Mina and the men will depart Charing Cross on 12 October, there were several days of shopping and other preparations following this journal entry. Mina doubtless has already had her trunk sent over to the asylum from Hillingham (where the Westenras were keeping it for her after she hastily departed Whitby for Budapest), but she may have needed something nicer to wear aboard the luxurious Orient Express.

Morris buys a "Traveller's" typewriter for Mina, Winchester rifles for all the men, and a large bore revolver for Mina. (The men have already been equipped with revolvers by Van Helsing, just before they entered Carfax the first time.) Given Morris’s record on gun safety, Mina probably got little or no training on how to use the revolver. Luckily for Van Helsing, who could have been an accidental casualty, she never needed to use it.

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