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Most Significant

"... Quincey said, ‘There’s nothing to do but to wait here. If, however, he doesn’t turn up by five o’clock, we must start off. For it won’t do to leave Mrs. Harker alone after sunset.’"

Some solid tactical thinking, though not from Van Helsing.

Most Significant

Sheesh. Wrong spot.

Most Significant

"If he chooses to lie hidden, he may baffle us for years..."

Van Helsing says that Mina is condemned to become a vampire when she dies, unless the Count is killed. What would he have done if the Count had completely escaped? Would he have trusted Jonathan to stake and decapitate Mina after her death? Or, since Mina would be damned to eternal hellfire without this intervention, might Van Helsing have found a way to hasten her death so that its aftermath would be under his control?

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