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Most Significant

Van Helsing: “‘There must be no chances, this time; we shall not rest until the Count’s head and body have been separated, and we are sure that he cannot re-incarnate.’”

Is this Van Helsing’s idiosyncratic English again, and by “re-incarnate” he means something like “re-animate”? Or does he really think Dracula’s spirit could occupy (possess?) another body if they don’t destroy the Count properly? Did Hammer Horror get it right?!

Most Significant

"'If the Count escape us this time, and he is strong and subtle and cunning, he may choose to sleep him for a century, and then in time our dear one,’ [Van Helsing] took my hand, ‘would come to him to keep him company, and would be as those others that you, Jonathan, saw.'"
"We have all got arms, even for me a large bore revolver. .. Dear Dr. Van Helsing comforts me by telling me that I am fully armed as there may be wolves."

Once again, Van Helsing seems strangely callous toward Mina.

Most Significant

"Here Jonathan interrupted him hotly, ‘Do you mean to say, Professor Van Helsing, that you would bring Mina... right into the jaws of [Dracula's] deathtrap? Not for the world! Not for Heaven or Hell!’"...
Van Helsing: "My friend, is it not a dire need for that which I am giving, possibly my life?"

Van Helsing sidesteps the question of bringing Mina with him by playing up the risks that he, himself, is taking. They never address the question of whether it would be better for the parties to be arranged differently—perhaps Van Helsing could go solo, while Mina accompanies Holmwood and Jonathan, for example.

Most Significant

"Alas! I cannot carry one arm that the rest do, the scar on my forehead forbids that."

Klinger says "We must suppose that this means Mina cannot carry a cross" (474 n 48). At Carfax, the men carried crucifixes and the Sacred Wafer. Presumably they brought them on the journey. Surely, since it was the Sacred Wafer that scarred Mina, that is what she cannot carry now.

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