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Most Significant

“[Mina] sleeps a great deal; throughout the journey she slept nearly all the time. Before sunrise and sunset, however, she is very wakeful and alert; and it has become a habit for Van Helsing to hypnotise her at such times. …He seems to have power at these particular moments to simply will, and her thoughts obey him.”

This must be a real low point for Mina; she is either under the Count’s influence (sleeping as he sleeps) or Van Helsing's (hypnotically) at almost every moment.

Demotivated Dracula for today: https://quotefancy.com/media/wallpaper/3840x2160/7025488-Bram-Stoker-Quote-Judge-Moneybag-will-settle-this-case-I-think.jpg

Bryan Alexander

Good point. She's caught between two powerful tides.

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