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Most Significant

Mina: "Dr. Van Helsing...tells the farmers that he is hurrying to Bistritz..."

Doubtless the farmers assume that he wants to get to the other side of the Borgo Pass before winter snows make it impassable.

MyNoise soundtrack Carriage thru Villages (takes a little while to fully load): https://tinyurl.com/npaxdjru

Most Significant

"...when the woman who served us saw the scar on my forehead, she crossed herself and put out two fingers towards me, to keep off the evil eye... Ever since then I have taken care not to take off my hat or veil, and so have escaped their suspicions. We are travelling fast, and as we have no driver with us to carry tales, we go ahead of scandal."

What scandal does Mina suppose follows them? Is Van Helsing doing something disreputable that she dare not record?

Perhaps the strain is beginning to tell on her, and she assumes the local people somehow know she is a vampire-in-waiting and that the scar on her forehead is not from an accident with curling tongs.

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