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Most Significant

Van Helsing: "Then I make a fire, and near it I make Madam Mina, now awake and more charming than ever, sit comfortable amid her rugs...When I would have stepped to the fire to replenish it, she caught me and held me back, and whispered, like a voice that one hears in a dream, so low it was. ‘No! No! Do not go without. Here you are safe!’"

Once again, Van Helsing is a poor strategist. He puts his circle of crumbled Sacred Wafer around Mina, but not their campfire. In fact, the circle is far enough from the fire that he has to cross the circle to add firewood to the flames. No wonder Mina shivers--no doubt from equal parts of cold and fright!

If he had thought to equip himself with several of the “sacred bullets” that he mentioned back at the asylum, Van Helsing might have killed the vampire women then and there.

Most Significant

"I knew the swaying round forms, the bright hard eyes, the white teeth, the ruddy colour, the voluptuous lips."

Vampires are not pale but ruddy? The Count's complexion is repeatedly described as "waxen", and Jonathan's Castle Dracula journal doesn't describe the complexion of the vampire women at all, just the colour of their hair and lips. On the other hand, if the three women have just drunk the blood of the four carriage horses, they would probably be quite ruddy in complexion! (They might also be "bloated", as Jonathan observed with the Count in his box below the chapel.) However, to read Van Helsing's version of the story, the horses died of fright, not of exsanguination.

Most Significant

“…it seemed as though the snow flurries and the wreaths of mist took shape as of women with trailing garments.”
“…the wheeling figures of mist and snow came closer, but keeping ever without the Holy circle. Then they began to materialise till…there were before me in actual flesh the same three women that Jonathan saw in the room, when they would have kissed his throat.”

*sigh* Another moment that would be awesome in a movie. I won’t look at the next blizzard in the same way.

This also reminds me of the Japanese folktales about the “yuki onna” or snow woman: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yuki-onna

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