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Most Significant

Van Helsing: In the camp at night, "I find [Mina] lying quiet, but awake, and looking at me with so bright eyes. Once, twice more the same occur, and I get much sleep till before morning."

This troubles Van Helsing, but he never realizes that when he wakes up and looks at Mina, Mina also sees him looking at her! She has just as much to worry about, since he has sworn to kill her if he thinks she is becoming too vampirish. Since Van Helsing is the one who egged on Seward, Holmwood, and Morris to kill Lucy, he is not likely to waver if he feels that Mina needs killing.

Both of them have thoroughly messed up their sleep schedules with the push from Veresti, so it is no wonder that they are awake at night and sleepy during the day.

MyNoise soundscape Borgo Pass Camp at Night (takes a little while to fully load): https://tinyurl.com/wefw7d3m

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