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Most Significant

Mina: "I got out my revolver ready to hand, for whilst we were speaking the howling of wolves came louder and closer."

I love the image of Van Helsing and Mina in their rock shelter, looking on the scene of the impending battle, with his Winchester and her revolver at the ready and binoculars ("field glasses") close to hand.

Most Significant

"...at sunset the Thing, which was till then imprisoned [in the great square chest], would take new freedom and could in any of many forms elude pursuit." (Mina, 6 Nov)

When a vampire is about to be killed, the hunters start calling him or her a "Thing". We saw it first with Lucy.

--Seward: "… the foul Thing which had taken Lucy’s shape without her soul"; "The thing in the coffin writhed..."; Van Helsing: "For she is not a grinning devil now, not any more a foul Thing for all eternity." (Seward, 29 Sept)

Then, when it looked like they were about to catch Dracula in England:

--Mina: "This thing [i.e. the Count] is not human, not even a beast."; Van Helsing: "But to fail here… is that we become as him, that we henceforward become foul things of the night like him…." (Mina, 30 Sept)
--Seward: "That horrid thing has the wolves and the rats and his own kind to help him..." (Jonathan, 1 Oct)

Van Helsing does not refer to the vampire women as "things". He does not know their names, so perhaps that makes it easier for him to stake them.

Most Significant

“The gypsies, taking us as in some way the cause of the extraordinary disappearance of the dead man, turned, without a word, and rode away as if for their lives.”

Or, from a different perspective: “The Gypsies, seeing their desperate defense of Dracula had failed, fled before they, too, were killed by the heavily-armed foreigners.”

Most Significant

"In the summer of this year we made a journey to Transylvania, and went over the old ground which was, and is, to us so full of vivid and terrible memories."

Why return to Transylvania? Were they trying to replace those awful memories with happier ones in some kind of Victorian PTSD therapy?

MyNoise soundscape Epilogue (takes roughly 45 seconds to fully load): https://tinyurl.com/yzbda8kd

Most Significant

Thoughts on Draculablog 2021:

“I am anxious, and it soothes me to express myself here…”


Many thanks, Bryan, for hosting the blog once more and letting me scribble all over it. It has been fun to try to find a way to respond to each post. Draculablog was also a welcome distraction from current events, particularly when my scaled-back summer plans literally went up in smoke. I have really enjoyed the ride!

Since prior years included comments about Fred Saberhagen’s _The Dracula Tape_, I’ll put in a plug for the audiobook version (and its seven sequels), narrated by the aptly-named Robin Bloodworth. His narration of the first book, particularly the Count’s accent during the 1890s, is a hoot.

I’m off to NaNoWriMo.org to continue working on a fanfic story that really wants to be a novel, despite my efforts to rein it in.

See you next year, I hope!

Bryan Alexander

My dear, Most Significant, thank *you* for being such a generous reader. I've enjoyed your comments, research, penetrating inside, and sense of humor throughout.

Most Significant

It has been a real pleasure!


“Truly, there is no such thing as finality.”

Most Significant

Buffy: You think I don't watch your movies? You always come back. (Dracula begins to materialize again.) I'm standing right here!

Most Significant

Det. Nick Knight: Word to the wise - immortality is no excuse not to floss.

Most Significant

“I enjoy the fog and dark, and was in the bows drinking it in, lost in some fatuous dream of England as I imagined it: myself lord of some sunlit manor where no one minded that the lord did not go out by day, a pair of those great dogs that the English painters could execute so well sitting in attendance on me as I gazed into my fire … or squinted off across my meadows, perhaps … some buxom Saxon wench laboring there, gathering hay, the muscles showing rounded in her arms, and the veins in her throat beneath the suntanned skin …“
- The Dracula Tape

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