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Most Significant

Hooray, Draculablog rides again! The grocery store missed my chicken from yesterday’s order, so the traditional paprika hendl will have to wait a few days.

Most Significant

“… the most western of splendid bridges over the Danube…”

This would be the Széchenyi Chain Bridge, originally built in 1846. It was destroyed by the Germans in 1945 and rebuilt by 1949. It is currently closed for major construction work (since June 2021) which is slated for completion in August 2023.

Here’s a lovely atmospheric image: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ntrinkhaus/37773243491

Bryan Alexander

Good to see you again, Most!

Most Significant

Glad to see you too! Thanks for hosting the blog for another year.

Most Significant

“We left [Budapest] in pretty good time, and came after nightfall to Klausenburgh.”

The railway station in Cluj (formerly Klausenburgh) was built in 1870; and still exists. Here is a c.1900 postcard:


Most Significant

“At every station there were groups of people, sometimes crowds, and in all sorts of attire.”

The 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica has this description of Romanian dress:

“Men wear a long linen tunic, leather belt, white woollen trousers and leather gaiters, above Turkish slippers or sandals. The lowlanders' head-dress is generally a high cylindrical cap of rough cloth or felt, while the mountaineers prefer a small round straw hat. Sundays and holidays bring out a sleeveless jacket, embroidered in red and gold; and both sexes wear sheepskins in cold weather. The linen dresses of women are fastened by a long sash or girdle, wound many times round the waist; the holiday attire being a white gown covered with embroideries, one or more brightly coloured aprons and necklaces of beads or coins.”

From: https://en.m.wikisource.org/wiki/1911_Encyclop%C3%A6dia_Britannica/Rumania


I've probably mentioned this at one of the many Dracula blog-post-a-thons you have run over the years, but it is wild see the city where I have lived the last 7 years on the map you included. Trento was part of the Austria-Hungarian Empire before World War I, and then was incorporated into Italy, and is truly a border zone like the German Speaking Alto Adige 20 minutes north of here. It makes this whole story that much fresher, and I could take a train to Munich tomorrow and follow Harker march East to Dracula's castle. This is awesome!

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