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Most Significant

“…I do not see how I am to shave, unless in my watch–case or the bottom of the shaving–pot, which is fortunately of metal.“

A watch case is simply the metal and glass enclosure that encases the face and mechanism of a pocket watch. Unlike a phone case, it is not an add-on, but an essential part of the watch itself. An open-face case has a metal back and nothing covering the watch crystal; a hunter case has a hinged metal cover to protect the crystal, as well as a metal back. https://www.globalgemology.com/pocket-watch-case-types.html#/

A shaving-pot is, as you might expect, another name for a shaving mug, used for lathering up a shaving brush. By good luck or good planning, Harker’s shaving pit was of metal (many were made from china) and apparently had a mirror-bright finish.

Jonathan never mentions what solution he hit on for a mirror substitute. I can picture him morosely getting shaggier and shaggier as the days go by, then trying to shave mostly by feel, and getting very poor results.


@Most Significant - love this research and commentary. So interesting. Such a great story but so many little holes. Thanks!! Keep it coming!

Most Significant

Thanks, I’ll do my best!

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