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Most Significant

“THREE proposals in one day!”

Let’s have a look at Lucy’s three suitors, in light of what we learn of them later. I’ll try to look at it from the point of view of her mother, as Lucy is young, sweet, and naive. She loves them all!

Mrs Westenra, on the other hand, is looking to ensure her only child is cared for after her death.

*Dr. John Seward: 29 years old (10 years older than Lucy!) and superintendent of a large private lunatic asylum in the London suburbs. Extensive history of hunting and world travel before this, so he is either quite well-off or has wealthy friends who are willing to pay to have him come along. Or his medical expertise may have been considered his contribution to the trip? He seems to be the only one of Lucy’s suitors to actually work for a living. Has a scientific bent and is an early adopter of new technology. He turns out to have a poor track record with regard to keeping at least one of his inmates secured. Medical ethics dubious.

Evaluation: Although he is English and well-educated, I imagine being the wife of a madhouse superintendent, and living in a madhouse oneself, would not be a comfortable subject for discussion. The age gap could also be a problem.


*Mr. Quincey P. Morris: Age unknown. Expat Texan who speaks fluent British, but enjoys switching to Texas English to amuse Lucy. Wealthy. Extensive history of hunting and world travel. Hates bats with a reckless passion. Fond of Winchester rifles, which he later supplies to the other men for the Transylvanian adventure. He made a gift of a travel typewriter to Mina, which was very practical and much-appreciated, but did not cross any boundaries.

Evaluation: Wealthy, well-mannered, but possibly a bit wild. Not British.


*The Honourable Arthur Holmwood: Age unknown. Wealthy. Son of a viscount and heir to his title. Travelled and hunted extensively before returning to London to settle down on the family estate near London. Father is in poor health. I think he proves to be the most thoughtful and honourable of Lucy’s suitors.

Evaluation: Wealth and title makes him an excellent prospect for Lucy, the untitled heiress to her ailing mother’s fortune.

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