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Most Significant

“Last night the Count left me early…”

So it seems that Jonathan and the Count have continued to meet together regularly in the evenings, even after the affair with the three vampire women. It must have been a strain for Jonathan to converse civilly with the man that he considered not just his captor, but a baby killer.

Most Significant

“The Szgany are quartered somewhere in the castle and are doing work of some kind.”

The Szgany have apparently moved from the castle’s courtyard, where they were encamped on May 28, to be closer to their worksite. They seem to have no fear of living within the castle walls, near the Count and the vampire women.

Most Significant

“I hear a far–away muffled sound as of mattock and spade, and, whatever it is, it must be the end of some ruthless villainy.”

What kind of villainy, exactly? Burying bodies? Digging up ill-gotten treasure? Planting broccoli?

Most Significant

“…[the Count] had on the suit of clothes which I had worn whilst travelling here…”

Quite a stroke of luck for the Count that he should be the same height and build as Jonathan! Or could it be that the Slovaks also delivered a new suit, made by the Count’s tailor to his own measurements, and patterned on the English suit that was taken from Jonathan’s wardrobe? The Count did say he does not wish to stand out too much in England.

Most Significant

“When a couple of hours had passed I heard something stirring in the Count's room... With a beating heart, I tried the [bedroom] door; but I was locked in my prison…”

So, after leaving Jonathan free to roam the unlocked parts of the castle while the Count was out, when the Count returned he locked Jonathan in his bedroom. Why? Because instead of taking the contents of his bag to the vampire women, tonight the handoff is apparently happening in the Count’s room just across the hallway from Jonathan’s bedroom. This area is usually off-limits to the vampire women.

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