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Most Significant

“I ran to the door, intending to descend and try and join them through the main hall, as I thought that way might be opened for them. Again a shock: my door was fastened on the outside…”

Once more, Jonathan’s every move has been anticipated and blocked by the Count, who was clearly expecting this delivery. Jonathan noted on 28 May that his bedroom windows had bars on them, but this is the first time he has been locked in his bedroom. Not only that, but the Count apparently told the Szgany leader something that leads him and the Slovaks to laugh at Jonathan’s cries.

After the Slovaks leave, Jonathan is once more given the run of the castle’s unlocked areas.

Most Significant

Why wasn’t Jonathan concerned when he first noticed that his bedroom windows had metal bars?

This was not unusual at the time, even for windows on upper stories. (Jonathan’s room, the library, and the dining room all seem to be on the castle’s third floor— or second floor, if you consider the ground floor to be floor zero). Ground floor windows would be barred for security reasons. Higher windows might be barred to keep children safe from falling.

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