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Most Significant

“Back, back, to your own place! Your time is not yet come. Wait! Have patience!”

But why, tho?

Why is it so important that Jonathan remain alive in the castle one more day, until after the Count has departed? The Count summoned the wolves to persuade Jonathan to stay inside the castle tonight, but tells the vampire women they must wait one more night before Jonathan is theirs. Why not just let the vampire women have him now?

Either the Count enjoys jerking the chains of both Jonathan and the women; or, he plans to send Jonathan safely to Bistritz the next day, while the vampire women are powerless.

Most Significant

“…I threw open the door, and saw without the three terrible women licking their lips.”

The women are getting harder and harder for the Count to control; now they have dared to enter the suite of rooms that he had previously assured Jonathan would be safe (May 7, midnight entry).

Most Significant

Once again, I wonder why the Count was so concerned that Jonathan should spend one last night at the castle. The Count had been carefully studying England and the English for quite some time before Jonathan’s arrival. Could he have been keen to ask his native informant some final questions before departing for England— cramming for the exam, as it were?

Did the Count have some particularly delicate (or indelicate) questions that he was saving, for fear that asking them sooner might put an end to Jonathan’s cooperation? If the Count did ask such sensitive questions, they were not recorded in Jonathan’s journal.

Bryan Alexander

To an extent Stoker covers himself with the unreliable narrator scheme.

I have also wondered if he was saving Harker to keep his wives going.

Most Significant

Considering how long the three were apparently able to survive upon a single infant, I think that they could sustain themselves from Jonathan for a *very* long time.

Bryan Alexander

Consistent with the idea that long-lived entities think in the long term.

Most Significant

I was thinking more of parasitic wasps (although their life cycle is different), or fleas, lice, & ticks.

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