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Most Significant

“…he saw a tall, thin man, who was not like any of the crew, come up the companion-way, and go along the deck forward, and disappear. He followed cautiously, but when he got to bows found no one, and the hatchways were all closed.”

Although the captain said his men were all steady, it seems they were not immune to “superstitious fear”. For the first time, a crew member comes to the captain with something more substantial than a feeling of doom: he saw a strange man on the ship. The captain decides to search the ship. He also starts a new journal or log, noting the strange events before that day, even though the search turned up nothing. Perhaps the Count’s influence is finally starting to affect the captain.

Most Significant

“… the hatchways were all closed.”

This is the first hint that closed doors are no barrier to the Count, or other vampires, at night.

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