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Most Significant

The 11 July journal entry was missed. I don’t suppose IRogers is to blame?


At any rate, happy to see things back on track!

Most Significant

Here’s a link to last year’s 11 July posting: https://www.thestar.com/business/2022/07/12/its-now-day-5-of-the-rogers-outage-here-are-5-things-you-need-to-know.html

“On 11 July at dawn entered Bosphorus”.

I thought that I might find a historic photograph of the north entrance to the Bosphorus that would be interesting to link here. Doubtless there would be some picturesque 19th century bridge that could be the focus.

Alas for my geographical ignorance! The Bosphorus is a trifle more daunting than New York's East River (Brooklyn Bridge, 1883) or Scotland's Firth of Forth (Forth Bridge, 1890). Today, it is crossed by three bridges and two tunnels, however the first of these was not completed until well into the 20th century (15th of July Martyrs Bridge, aka Bosphorus Bridge, 1973). 

So what landmarks would the Demeter's sailors have seen upon entering the Bosphorus? At the very mouth of the strait, they would have seen the Rumeli lighthouse (1856) on the headland to starboard, and the Anadolu lighthouse (also 1856) to port. A short distance into the strait, they would see another pair of landmarks: the Rumelihisarı (aka Rumelian Fortress, 1452) and Anadoluhisarı (aka Anatolian Castle, 1394). 

So here is a historical photograph of the Rumeli Fortress, rather than an impossible photo of an imaginary bridge: https://www.chenarch.com/images/arc3313/slides-21/07-08-Rumeli-Hisari-historical.jpg
Bonus image of same: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/43/35/1b/43351b504bf9c75ebe280ada8eeab407.jpg

Anatolian Castle, historic postcard: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/5f/10/bd/5f10bd5bdf85f6ddad73a3430fa6ab7c.jpg

Most Significant

12 July, Demeter enters the Dardanelles. Here’s a link to last year’s blog, because it would be a crime to miss the map for this day.

Most Significant

13 July, Cape Matapan -

The lighthouse at Cape Tainaron, aka Cape Matapan, began operating in 1887:


Most Significant

Seven nights have passed since the Demeter left Varna with its cargo. It is only now that the crew begins to show fear. Did something change?

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