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Most Significant

I absolutely love this entire passage. However, I am short on time at the moment, so here is a picture instead of several hundred words on why this nighttime adventure is so awesome.

Greg Hildebrandt - Lucy and the Count below Whitby Abbey: https://arthive.com/artists/4835~Greg_Hildebrandt/works/212953~08_Dracula_Lucy_Westenra

Most Significant

“When we got in, and had washed our feet, and had said a prayer of thankfulness together, I tucked her into bed.”

Nobody would know if they did or didn’t pray, but certainly the young women had good grounds for thankfulness: Lucy had sleepwalked through the village and up to the clifftop without falling, Mina had helped her return home safely and without scandal, and the whole frightening incident had been successfully concealed from the ailing Mrs. Westenra.

Bryan Alexander

Love that Hildebrandt. I used to have a hardcover edition with it on the front.

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