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Most Significant

“It almost seems as though the captain had been seized with some kind of mania before he had got well into blue water, and that this had developed persistently throughout the voyage…”

“…whether or not the man himself committed the murders there is now none to say.”

What is the Dailygraph correspondent suggesting? That the captain kept a journal about killing the crew (because he was mad) but he was not mad enough to actually keep a journal to state that he was the killer? Wouldn’t it be more likely that the log of a mad captain would instead justify each killing?

The correspondent seems determined to try to blacken the dead captain’s memory with very little justification beyond the fact that the captain was the Demeter’s last survivor. Or was the man tied to the wheel the captain at all? The log page found on his body seems to be the only means of identifying him as the ship’s captain.

Bryan Alexander

It is a pretty foolish thought.
Perhaps Stoker is mocking journalists or a subset thereof.
Or he's setting up a bad detective example against which to position our heroes.

Most Significant

I like both of those theories! I favour the shoddy journalism one a bit more, knocking the reporter down a peg.

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