Most Significant

“…there came a sort of dull flapping or buffeting at the window…I could see that the noise was made by a great bat, which wheeled round…and every now and again struck the window with its wings. When I came back to my seat, I found that Lucy had moved slightly, and had torn away the garlic flowers from her throat.”

So apparently the Count was using his hypnotic influence to get Lucy to remove the garlic flowers. But why? She was close to death, so he couldn’t be planning on getting a final blood meal from her. To judge from Van Helsing’s actions with his golden crucifix, the presence of garlic flowers around her corpse would not be sufficient to keep her from becoming a vampire.

Bryan Alexander

Perhaps to check on her viability.
Or to gloat.

Most Significant

Yeah, I’d say gloating is most likely. He got her to remove the flowers just because he could.

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