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Most Significant

“…two great leiter-wagons, each drawn by eight sturdy horses, and at the head of each pair a Slovak…

Today, this would be an impressive display: not one but two eight-horse hitches, each pulling a large wagon. Also, instead of being driven from the wagon, each pair of horses is led by a man on foot.

When I looked for an image similar to this, I came up with two interesting ones. It seems that horses pulling Romani caravans are sometimes led by a person on foot rather than being driven by someone riding on the caravan. But caravans are usually pulled by a single horse.

In the United States, some military funerals have a six-horse team pulling a caisson. (A caisson is similar to a leiter-wagon in that both are very open, multi-purpose cargo platforms.) The caisson’s team is not driven with reins from the wagon, but instead a soldier rides one horse of each pair to guide it. A caisson was originally a wagon to carry artillery supplies such as ammunition and spare wheels, but now it is most frequently used to carry coffins.

On a lighter note, probably the best-known eight-horse hitch today belongs to Budweiser

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