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January 29, 2004


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I can't seem to find the original article, but Cory seems to be missing two things here:

1) I'm fairly certain that if Apple had thought that they could have sold music minus the DRM, they would have done so. It's not entirely Apple's choice.

2) He's conveniently leaving out the fact that Microsoft's music solution ALSO incorporates DRM.

Based on some of his other writings, it seems that Cory holds Apple to a higher standard than other companies, such as Microsoft.


Hm, perhaps not.

  1. Apple's music business is based essentially on cooperation with the music biz, who is fully behind DRM. How else could Apple sell music? It doesn't own a swarm of tunes. Perhaps, down the road, stuff coming from Garageband could go through some Applezone without DRM - but who would want the intermediation?
  2. Nah, Cory's no MS fan. He knows MS' IRM scheme well enough. We can assume this.

I think Cory holds Apple higher because he respects them more, and hence expects better. But I won't ventriloqize - go ask.

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