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February 05, 2004


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"The mute places of the earth are being given voice, and the voices are, of course, ours."

Depends on what he means by 'ours'.

There are plenny organisms essential to ours that would loudly mourn and voice misgivings about pals and .. . eh . . .subsocial safetynets of theirs that we decided are good enough to dump on to the point of . . etcetera, if they had one.

This is where the meaning of democracy could be polished up a bit: speak up for the weak, feeble, damn near and already dead. VOTE = voice of the earth (thanks Jose, you old A-camp recoveree you). single cellers form an absolute majority and I speak for them best, that makes me a legitimate dictator as soon as most of the most powerful leaders would by miraculous means be blessed with insight concerning 'their' subjects.

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