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August 12, 2004


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I like this idea. One could take it even further and make a blog that pretends to be a blognovel that is really a novel written across many websites that can be assembled in many ways. I suspect El Centro of being one such experiement.
I think American Book of the Dead is one too.
This may be the emergence of a whole new form of literature and storytelling which fits the medium of multiplemedia landscape much more than the traditional Gutenberg based scenario.
Just my 2 cents worth.

Eugene Myers


Thanks for the plug. I think blogging may just become a new artform. It's a way to completely inhabit a character. Case in point, my name's not really Eugene.


From what I can tell the very first weblog novel was created back in 2002:


A daily serialzed novel about crazy high school shit circa the early 90s. Looks like it was completed in Oct. 03.


And how could we forget gimmicky.org?


And how could we forget gimmicky.org and Peepshow Stories?


I don't think Poker Without Cards is one of those but you can never tell.

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