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September 20, 2004


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Ed Romanoff

Re: Your Website. News Tip – Reedley California is a small agriculture town with a small ‘Reedley Community College’ is becoming the world center for developing of new anti-terrorism and anti-crime prevention technology, but … no one knows about it! The government and even the press doesn’t bother to ask for any information. The question is who gets first these technologies, the U.S. or the terrorists? (some of them can be reversed and become mass-destruction methods).

The Fellowship of ‘survivability scientists’ from various countries decided to work together “around the clock” since 9/11. They developed ‘prevention systems’ which in effect could end the Iraq war and brings our soldiers home. The submitted the results of their works to the government and the press but received no response, a total lack of interest. As a result the decision has been made to develop these technologies by private sector. That is the reason for this “News Tip.” Now we are looking for specialists in fields of manufacturing prevention equipment, book publishing, producing of movies/DVDs. We have assured world wide publicity from many social causes organizations which are supporting us. They understand that “prevention’ not ‘security’ will protect us from terrorism. This all my sound like science fiction … well here the facts:

Andy Rooney commentary (CBS ‘60 minutes’ 01/16/05) on “how the empires have collapsed over period of centuries” (e.g. Roman, Greek, Ottoman, British, Soviet, etc.). It is the law of nature. These superpowers have destroyed themselves, because of ‘over-confidence’ otherwise known as ‘decadency.’ However, now, thanks to the modern technology doesn’t take centuries, the collapsing might happen within weeks. Any extremist can get weapons for which at present time there is no defense, e.g.: (1) Suicide Bombers – How can we stop someone who want to commit suicide?
(2) EVE (Engineered Flesh Eating Virus) – 10 lbs. of EVE powder spread in our water supply, can exterminate (genocide) all the U.S. population within a month. Our water filtration systems are not set to decimate this virus (EVE was originally developed by the Soviets). 3) Terrorist Cells World Network – operates independently without the need for any coordinating organization. How can we deal with organization which in fact doesn’t exist? The U.S. spy network doesn’t have the so call it “sleepers with their eyes open” so our intelligence is ineffective. Our leaders “are barking at the wrong tree.” They still think that the nuclear and chemical weapons will be used by the terrorists. It is technically no longer visible and is dangerously misleading our nation. The genocide is the weapon of the of the future, that is the ‘engineered targeted deadly bacteria.’

The list of some of the prevention systems: (1) WFUSION (Electric Fusion of Water) – compact (4 lb.) device placed at home, self-installed. It removes deadly bacteria or poison from water. Within minutes it would produce (even from sewerage or salt water) pure drinking water. (Because of the Tsunami, the decaying human bodies might unleash variety of new deadly diseases unknown to the medical science which can saturate the underground water). The WFUSION when placed in rivers, lakes, swamps, etc., kills mosquito larva, preventing malaria. (2) HFUSION (Hydroponics Fusion Agriculture) – growing food (vegetable, rice, fruits, etc.) in multilevel sealed greenhouses, in any climate. The harvest from 1 acre area can be 20 times bigger than from traditional agriculture. Also, within 3 days grows survival food the ‘corn grass’ ready to be eaten (cooked or raw) by people. The HFUSION greenhouses can be shipped to any place in the world and assembled within hours. It would make possible to transform poor ‘Third World Countries’ into prosperous ‘New World Countries.’ (3) REDEEMAT (size of refrigerator) – placed at home, self-installed, redeeming raw materials from garbage, debris, soil and agricultural waste. Then, extracting from any mixture, separately: metals, plastics, glass, prefabricated wood, paper, fuel for cars, etc. In essence is manufacturing preprocessed raw materials, ready to be used again. It prevents cutting of the forest and excavation of raw materials, as well as eliminates the need for garbage collection and recycling. REDEEMAT (industrial size) – placed in destroyed city (by earthquake, tide, hurricane, etc.) can produce within 48 hrs construction materials to build temporary shelters or permanent homes (using the BMI/Concrete Injection Technology). (4) MEDLAB – portable (5 lb.) analyzes on the spot (without doctor or nurse assistance): blood, urine, heart, etc. and transmits the data to medical centers for diagnoses. (5) VIC (Verification/Identification Code) – the world’s only unbreakable code (cannot be decipher). It prevents unauthorized access to the Internet/PCs, stop spam, computer viruses and “phishing.” The VIC is protecting privacy, because doesn’t require from the user: date of birth, address, phone, finger prints, etc. It makes the identity theft and stealing from credit cards impossible. The VIC is continually probing the bank interest and penalty. Obtaining of cash (through merchant) or credit is done by phone there will be no need for credit cards or checks. (6) VIC/BIOMETRIC (Remote Biometric) – the human body motions monitor, tracking 24/7 the whereabouts of terrorists, “can pick-up terrorist from the crowd,” locating terrorist’s cells, read person’s lips from a distance. (7) THE-WK (The World’s Knowledge) – The next generation search engine. It eliminates the manual search of the Internet. Just describe in voice what you are looking for and THE-WK would do it for you within minutes. Also, translates from any language to English. (8) PAMS (Paper Molecules Sensor) – prevents counterfeiting of currency and paper documents, follows the “money trail.” (9) HOTDOG (Personal Security Alert) – satellite radio, cell phone and “amber alert” in wristwatch. It can be purchased in the neighborhood store. This would also assist the police and the ‘America’s Most Wanted’ TV show. (10) WHISPERS (Whistler Blowers Intelligence Network) – is modeled on a former foreign spy agency, penetrates PCs and phones and establishes the physical locations where the email or website is coming from. (11) USU (Ultra Sound Waves Sensor) – analyzed sealed containers, detects remotely weapons carried by a person (e.g. shoulder missiles) or explosives strapped to suicide bomber’s body. (12) VIC/ESPC (Election Software for PC) – election by phone, there will be no need for polling places. You would elect ‘People Messengers’ to carry your direct message to the Congress. The U.S. should be managed by specialists/scientists and not by amateurs (lawyers) legislators. You can instantly recall of politician within few days instead of years, if the politician does not follows the demands of the people. This will mark the beginning of democracy in the U.S. because the politicians will be living in fear of being fire (similar to the corporate structure). (13) IN/SS – The totally free health insurance and education and guarantee Social Security, by eliminating the artificially created present 60% overheads. (14) XYZ GUN (size of a cell phone) – is firing electrically charged bullets (not need for connecting wires) up to 1,000 ft. disabling a person for a few minutes. At the same time taking photos of this person and alerts the nearby police cruiser. Introducing the XYZ Gun would make it possible for the prohibition of all present weapons. This action alone would reduce crime by about 65% consequently double our economic output.

Some of these above prevention devices are designed to be dropped from airplanes or helicopters without the parachute, by using the ParaFloat.

The U.S. as of today: The “power brokers” (politicians and the media) are detached from the average citizen. They are “communicating” through computer generated notes “we will contact you soon” but, they never do. The brokers don’t understand the difference between security and prevention as a result they are creating a false sense of security for the entire nation. The brokers main business is to solicit crime by protecting the job security of the CPI (Crime Processing Industry) 32 million employees (lawyers, policemen, prison guards, legal staff, etc.) and protect the profit of the pharmaceutical industry. The drop in the crime rate and the number of sick people would increase the national unemployment. The ‘criminal’ and the ‘sick person’ is the most valuable “profit center” for the U.S. economy, it is consuming 55% of the national budget. The CPI doesn’t generate tax revenue. These are ‘the non-producers’ (64% of the work forces) as a result the rest of the citizens – ‘the producers’ (36% of the work forces) must maintain two income household. Such imbalance 64% - 36% has created the $8 trillion national debt plus $33 trillion personal debt (credit) – total $41 trillion debt (from which $11 trillion is the interest and penalty charged by the banks). This $41 trillion debt is bigger than the budgets of the rest of world’s countries. The personal income taxes don’t generating any revenue, because it cost $1.00 to collect $1.00 of personal income tax; THE HOMELAND SECURITY (DHS) “solution” is – duct tapes, color alerts and making deals with the lobbyists. Any country is spending about 35% of its tax revenue for: cleaning of water, excavation or importing of raw materials and fighting crime. For example, if the U.S. would adopt ‘prevention technologies’ the $8 trillion deficit will turned to about $13 trillion surplus within 3 years. If the Tsunami disaster will be using the present methods, it would take 10 years to recuperate. But, if the ‘prevention technology’ is applied it would take only 2 years. However, the economy “is doing good” because outsourcing and firing of workers and then re-hiring them for 20%-40% lower wages. As a result, the corporate profit is growing, so the CEOs salary has grown by 1,000-2,500% in the last 3 years. The U.S. present population at present is 280 million from witch 92 million is economically unnecessary. These are mainly illegal and new immigrants (they are only receiving the “minimum wage’). Deporting these 92 million would double the wages of all Americans and quadruple the economic output.

(1) “THE END OF THE LAST EMPIRE” horror science fiction movie (it can be a sequel to FAHRENHEIT 9/11). The first scene – Ben Laden is taxi driver in New York and got his plastic surgery from one of these makeover TV shows; he is ordering the attacks right from Manhattan; the Middle-Eastern media imply that Tsunami (12/23/04) was caused by the U.S. nuclear explosion; (in fact the Tsunami tide can be easily created by dropping from ships close to the shores, dynamite, then detonate remotely); the extremists from all over the world keep coming to Iraq, they no longer need to come to the U.S. to kill Americans. It is crusade not a war the Iraq become a training camp for new terrorists; we are become “sitting ducks” and have no choice but, withdraw without winning the war; the terrorists have deciphered the banks access codes, Stock Market collapses; the $41 trillion debt “bubble burst” inflation erupts; counterfeited dollars flooding the world; the dollar lost about 60% of its value; Ben Laden eventually is ordering to apply the “final solution” – one single terrorist is placing the EVE, within a month exterminates the whole U.S. population. How believable is the ‘modern genocide’? In the World War 2, the humans managed to kill 60 millions of other humans within 4 years. It is not so far fetch, that engineered bacteria would be able to kill 280 Americans within one month. The last scene – the buffaloes roaming deserted streets, decaying bodies, empty cars, skeletons, wolves hollering; the settlers from Asia are arriving and forming a new country – THE USA.

(2) “THE PERFECTIONIST” – science fiction TV/Radio Talk Show and Contest. It demonstrates how to create the world without: crime, terrorism, wars, income taxes, lawyers and political parties. The contest winner becomes the boss instead of working for the boss. (It is antipode to the reality TV show THE APPRENTICE). The contestants creating never existed before new industries and they become billionaires. The big money is made through new inventions and not by working for the boss.

(3) “HOW TO ABOUT HOW TO” – DVDs and RVGs with instructions on HOW TO prevent terrorist attack and protect your home and children, taking for consideration your personal situation and location.

(4) The fastest way to introduce the ‘prevention science’ to the public is through the RVG (Reality Video Games) in Arcades and PCs. – The Contestants in these games must choose instantly the right prevention system (from about 100 systems) to prevent (imaginatively) real life threatening situation. It is antipode to the majority of the present video games, whereas the challenge usually is to kill another person. The DVD and RVG will teach children and grown-ups how to protect themselves from criminals, terrorists, natural disasters, etc. as well as saving lives of soldiers and the law officers. The DVD with “THE END OF THE LAST EMPRE” science fiction movie might become a fixture in every household. It is a new era in the entertainment industry – the PEP (Practical Entertainment Programs), sort of ‘INSTRUCTION MANUAL’ on how to succeed in “the world of old establishment” where there is no room for anything new and now is dominated by apathy and ‘over-confidence.’

(5) THE ELEVEN WORDS APEAL – Ironically the U.S. has all the necessary prevention knowledge, but don’t consider give to our military, so our soldiers are dying needlessly! We are asking visionary journalists to investigate this apocalyptic scandal and conduct experiment by placing in the media a short 11 words note “Help us to manufacture the just developed new anti-terrorists devices (here your or our email address).” You might not get response from any government agency, but you will get overwhelming response from the public. This small note my start the ‘Personal Prevention Movement.’

THE CONCLUSION – The ‘prevention science’ could make improbable for another 9/11, because we can compute in advance HOW and WHEN the terrorists planning the next attack. The soldiers will be constantly killed by the ‘suicide bombers’ and thousands of volunteers are waiting to become “martyrs.” The “enforced free election” in Iraq, means enforcing ‘The American Way of Life.’ This enraged the one billion Muslims. They have their own ‘Islamic way of Life’ (practiced for about 1,000 years). This tactics of forcing new political system based on Western philosophy would only intensify terrorist attacks for years to come. There 4 reasons for terrorism and wars is the U.S. social structure: 1) Unequal distribution of wealth, 2) The defendant in court is paying for being defended, 3) No free health insurance, 4) No free education. It seems our leaders jammed America into the ‘ULTIMATE CATCH 22.”

Dr. Edward Romanoff, New Science Institute (NSI), Reedley, CA [email protected]

PS: We are apologizing in advance for not submitting this brief by following your required submission procedure. However, we can not do it another way, we are in business of developing anti-terrorist technologies and the terrorists my try to stop us. Consequently, we do not maintain website, giving out phone numbers or addresses. But if you need more information, please send us email we will reply immediately, or we can make arrangement to meet you personally. All our devices and systems are patented or copyrighted. Therefore, we can only enter ‘option’ or ‘patent license agreement’ with potential users. Also please forgive us our bad English. The majority of the R&D is conducted by the Fellows of the ‘New Science Institute (NSI) Fellowship’ from 43 different countries.

PS: I HAVE LEARNED THE MECHANISM OF “THE FINAL SOLUTION” from the “best” as a prisoner of the German genocide camp Auschwitz Poland. I’m Ph.D. in economics and anthropology and graduate of ‘The Soviet Naval Academy’ (I’m Russian). My specialization was cryptography (deciphering secret codes) and biometrics. After defecting to the West I have concluded that the people here are human beings and not “imperialists” as I was taught. So, I have re-programmed some of the mass destruction devices to prevention devices (prevention of the terrorism and crime instead of fighting the terrorism and crime). With a group of international scholars we have discovered the ‘prevention science’ (don’t confuse with ‘security science’) which is unknown in the U.S. and is not taught in any American colleges.


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