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September 15, 2004


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Antti Vilpponen

Hmm... I guess you mean Iranian blogs? :) There is a small difference...


#@%$ typo. Corrected - thanks, Antti.

Anti Matter

Why waste our time with sanctions on Iran.
Instead, a viral attack on commercial computers in Iran will bring those Dark ages rulers to their knees, when businesses start agitating that they can't get any work done, because of the "No freedom of speech if you criticise the government" policy currently being enforced in Iran.

The Iranian people just need a little help and they will fix up these demons that call themselves Islamists.

True Islamists are fine people. The leaders of Iran are damaged,sick human beings rebelling against all that is good about humanity.

Lets give all real Iranians our support to remove these bloodthirsty freakshow characters out of the Iranian government.

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