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November 04, 2004


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Zach Chandler

I tried to login and post comments, but you apparently have to be inducted into the cult known as The Feature and acrue "karma points" before they let you comment. Check please.

Anyway, Bryan, I thought it was an engaging article and good press for your work. As always I find your thinking to be inspiring and very forward. I'm not sure that our campuses are really m-learninig environments yet ... or even really emerging (speaking for my own locale). There rate of change is definitely increasing, and more and more students are coming to campus with m-gizmos. but until we find a way to make their use pedagogically viable (which some of us are, I know) I have to balk a little at treating "swarm learning" like a real thing, and an otherwise interesting term/concept seems to lack credibility if it doesn't manifest soon enough. I think that the kind of sea-change that you hint at will have to wait for a generation of teacher/administrators to retire and new profs designers and registrars to rethink current pedagogical models and learning spaces.

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