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December 20, 2004


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Ben Welter

How can you say it is easy! I cant get any where in this game, all i got is the pen the paper the "Help Me" on the paper, the death sighn on the help me note, the money, and the that funny stuff you put on the money with the pen! Although it is a fun game over all, it is just that I have beatten all the other ones like the crimson room the something with a V and know I whant to beat the Blue chamber. But I cant wait till the new one comes out


what funny stuff u put on the money? and what do u do after u found it?
i'm stuck !

Richard Draggin

The Blue Chamber was pretty simple. I had no trouble with it.


Help! please i need it it!


There's one big intuitive leap to make, concerning the phone.

Ben R

Tell us the answer please. Im as far as the tohers, what about the phone?


Did you get the message back on the piece of paper? There's something you can enter into the phone.


o myyyyyyyyyyyyyy i knew it =) is so easy..i think the problem is than the stuff dont move well the firt time when you use it.. and by the phone, i call that son of a 88888 and he just say: oo ok!! i was like: whatttt!!! now what i star again to call several numbers like 911 combination before i get tired again and start to looking for something else. but i still like this games =)


how do u get the money.


danny, I started from the first screen, and clicked on what I found to get stuff. Then I turned left and clicked on what I saw there. I kept doing this. One hint: I found the money before I got to the pneumatic tube.

maria, did you try any 7-digit combinations for the phone?


how do you get the money!!!!!!


its too hrd

Bryan Alexander

Maybe that chap in the picture can help, Jeffrey. But he's a bit shy, and takes repeated prodding to respond.


try to play new online 3D game
escape from classroom on

jade =)

Me and my brother got stuck at the phone thing. Zomg, it was pretty creepy when the dude on the phone said whatever he said. I can't remember what he said. o_O

But it was creepy.

Anyways, this one was too short. I had to look at a guide for the phone part.

So yeah. Can't wait until the Pink Proson comes out!

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