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February 19, 2005


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I'm at the other session and I was just wondering how that talk was going.... Thanks for the notes...

John Anderies

Hey Bryan, How's it going? Nice notes. I was supposed to be on the Multimedia session this afternoon (and at MLA down the street all week blogging at infoshare amongst other things on my agenda), but got extremely sick and couldn't make it out at all. :-(

Barbara Ganley

Thanks, Bryan, for blogging as you go--for those of us thousands of miles away, we can get a feel for what's going on. (I look forward to reading the subethaedit notes, too.)

Integrating a range of social software from folksonomies to blogs-tweaked-as-course-management tools to wikis seamlessly within the same classroom makes absolute sense to me, and can be done, even by teachers outside the technology sphere; I'm glad to see that the Bowdoin course was shown. Of course what keeps departments and professors away from blogs is how they subvert the entire paradigm of the teacher-centered classroom and the territoriality of departments, fields and subjects. Blogs promote a restless moving between disciplines, questions, and strategies, and place the reponsibility for the inquiry right in the students' hands. Blogs invite a range of writing voices and seeing oneself as connected to peers, the professor, the world.

Nothing shabby about that.


Julie Leung

Great to meet you at Northern Voice. Hope we have another opportunity again sometime.

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