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March 29, 2005


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Melanie McBride

Congrats Bryan! ;-)

"'m currently interested in a few things: how digital games tell stories; how people project their fears into cyberspace, and how the internet responds"

That sounds fascinating. Particularly the part about fears.

As a blogger and advocate of We Media I'm always keeping my eyes open for stories (especially from the news) that attempt to scare people away from blogging - from telling their lives online.

They did this with chatrooms and the internet and now they're, apparently, doing this with blogging.

I think the more people there are blogging the more stories we're going to start seeing in the news about "blogs and identity theft" and people getting "fired" for blogging and that sort of thing.

From a political point of view I've always found that marginalised voices are kept marginalised by demeaning "the personal" narrative.

And so we have an abundance of depersonalised and "authorized" voices and the cold voices of corporations and media. Blogging has proven that people are sick of being talked "at" by these voices and that's why there are so many people joining the participatory media revolution. And playing up fears is the usual response to any sort of revolutionary spirit ...

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