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June 02, 2005


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Wow! Congrats, that sounds very exciting. If you ever need an assistant, say, to fetch you coffee or anything, let me know.

D'Arcy Norman

Congrats, Bryan! Sounds like an amazing position! You're the perfect fit for it, too.

Amanda Lee

Congratulations Bryan. It sounds like a great job for you. You certainly deserve it.

Gardner Campbell

I know you don't like the series, but my first thought was that you had made it into the Q Continuum. And you know I mean that as a compliment.

Warmest congratulations, Bryan. You certainly deserve this, and we do too, given that you'll be an even more valuable resource for the Secret Society For Real School (if one can imagine more value for one who is already invaluable).


Stephen Downes


Jeff McClurken

Congratulations! I can't imagine a better choice.

Nancy McKeand

Congratulations, Bryan!

Will Richardson

Congratulations Bryan! Looking forward to learning from your work. Best, Will

Melanie McBride

Congratulations Bryan! Woo Hoo! Very nice. Can't wait to read your dispatches from the institutional frontlines ;-)

Catherine Yang

Very cool! Congrats!!!!


Very cool and congratulations on your new postion.

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