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June 27, 2005


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I am currently in the process of beginning my literature review for my final year dissertation. I am studying how people 'edit' themselves in blogs, using Goffman's 'Presentation of Self' as my springboard. My research spreads across McLuhan's writings on technology as an extension of the senses and I came across your site as I searched for relevant literature on the Web.

I would be truly grateful if you knew of any online publications, useful resources, or any published books which may be of help for my dissertation.

Kind regards,

Bryan Alexander

Greetings, Sarah, and welcome to Infocult.

Your research covers a lot of ground, Sarah. Goffman is certainly a key person to work with. Can you say a bit more about your approach and what you've done so far?

I noted an article last year which might be useful: http://infocult.typepad.com/infocult/2004/09/self_and_bloggi.html


here: Kafka's Diaries Mashup. brilliant, but in German.

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